In a superimposed state of confusion and knowing, that's all. 如惑如知,如是而已。

An Interesting Start

Blockchain, when Bitcoin was just a thing in ancient times, struck gold but also lost the wallet because I didn't care about it. However, as the saying goes, fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and I really don't care about it.
Later on, there was a surge of support and opposition, with NFTs and various magical little things. It can be said that it is an exploration of blockchain. In my opinion, the most important value of blockchain is signatures. It can be considered as the PGP signature of the new era, of course, verification is also possible. But encrypted transmission is not the strong suit of blockchain. Therefore, this is a very suitable authentication method for writing and creating.

I also searched for blockchain-related blogs for a long time until I came across xLog.

So let's start with this one first. Maybe it's an interesting thing. I hope this interesting starting point can bring more interesting follow-ups.

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