In a superimposed state of confusion and knowing, that's all. 如惑如知,如是而已。

In 2024, let's look ahead.

Another year is coming, what should I do in the new year?

I remember that I used to write plans and imagine the new year, but lately, I seem to have lost that enthusiasm... No, that's not right! I am still young, and I still want to explore the world.

When I was a child, my world was just from school to home. As I grew older, this range expanded, but I don't know when I stopped wanting to expand it further. No, it's more like being tied down. I wonder if I can still expand this range? I still remember the first time I was completely alone, standing on the land of Germany, surrounded by different vibes, a gentle breeze blowing from all directions, unfamiliar voices filling my ears. I nervously said my destination at the train ticket counter: Bamberg, over and over again until the other person understood. Finally, there was a smile. It was nerve-wracking to step out, but every time I looked back, it was filled with joy, filled with hope, every nervous moment.

"Mock me for being sentimental, born with gray hair, life is like a dream, toasting to the river moon."

And now, sitting here, looking at the work I have half done in my hands, listening to the melancholic melody of "...until you see the ordinary, it is the only answer. When you are still, still fantasizing..." It seems like decadence is the thing in this moment. I envy the past, I envy myself back then. It's not about being carefree, it's the breath of growth, the fresh scent of grass, everything you can smell and see lying in the sun on a large lawn after the rain.

"I am still young, I yearn to set off."

Yearning for a fresh breath, fresh hopes, a fresh journey. I also yearn to go further with this bond.

So, let's look ahead!


  1. Healthy body: no longer worry about purines and fats
  2. Let happiness be more abundant


  1. Seriously write a story, a fantasy story, a Chinese-style fantasy story that satisfies myself
  2. Finish reading 20 books

A bigger world:

  1. Rebirth
  2. Longer journey


  1. Python and Rust, not necessarily tutorials, but something I want to teach others
  2. Mathematics, let's strive for the ideal!
  3. Get to know more people!

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